Current Emergencies: 

Mercy Lin was rescued in April 2022 with an embedded collar wrapped under a leg !!!! Apparently, she was dumped last summer and has had this issue since January. An extremely kind woman tried for so long to trap the terrified cat and finally got her!  Had she not been rescued she would have suffered and possible died from infection. The vet carefully removed the collar and we treated her with TLC and antibiotics! She turned out to be the sweetest girl! We had her spayed and as of May 1st 2022 she has since healed and been adopted by a wonderful family! 









​Recent Past Emergencies: 

Pantera - FIP (dry/neuro) 3 months of anti-viral drug treatment (GS#), and multiple vet visits and blood work cost over $5,000. Pantera passed his 3 months post-treatment observation window in January 2022 and pending final blood work at the 6-month mark, we are hoping Pantera pulls through and kicks FIP for good but are cautiously optimistic. He goes for periodic veterinary visits to check his blood work and the cost is ongoing. He is thankfully in a very loving foster home that is very attentive to his needs,  and of course, they also cuddle! 

Gulliver - fully degloved tail amputation. Performed at Guardian Vet Specialists in October 2021 - cost $1,400.

This was a risky surgery due to the nerves and tendons involved and the severity of the degloving injury. Gulliver is fully healed, and so much happier now with the tail removed! He is loving life in his foster home as of January 2022 and loves his foster brother cat whom he wrestles and snuggles with! He is looking for a forever home to give him love, time, and patience. 








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