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We rescue cats and kittens from the streets and outdoors, or from owner surrender, bring them for needed veterinary services, give them love, and find them loving forever homes! We are a 100% Zero Kill rescue,  volunteer-based, 501(C)(3) non-profit, grassroots organization. When you adopt a cat from us, it will create a space for us to rescue another cat! Thank you for considering our organization.   While we openly take in kittens and cats who are in good shape, our focus is on saving those who are most likely not saved without  our help. Please consider adopting one of our cats or kittens.



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Adopt Cassidy and Sundance!

Sometimes the cats waiting the longest for their forever home, are the ones that  are most deserving, and will bring a family the most joy!  Meet darling Cassidy and Sundance- a lovely, sweet, bonded brother duo looking for their forever home being fostered in Stamford, CT! These cuties have been waiting TWO years for their forever home, and we are just as shocked as you! Foster mama says they love to hang out of the couch watching TV with her , they give the cutest little meows for dinner time, and love to be pet and eat treats from your hand! They snooze with arms interlocked, and love to trot around the house and play with each other, and they especially love laser pointers, and wand toys ! Cat Grass makes them happy , and they get so excited when foster mom opens the blinds to reveal the sunshine in the morning! Their personalities are distinct and sweet, and their amazing foster mom can tell you even more about their sweet personalities! All they need now is someone to open their heart and home to these brothers! A quiet home suits them well, so we would like to seek a home with no young children, or dogs. They are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, FIV and FELV negative, approximately 3 years old and ready to purr into your home! To bring these sweethearts into your life please email us at NYCATCOAL@YAHOO.COM or call Joan at 718-671-1695


Please help us help by donating any amount you are able. Every $1 helps. Thank you from all of NYC Cat Coalition !  





Current Emergency Medical Need Cats:

1) Gulliver - Fully Degloved Tail - Undergoing special surgery at Guardian Veterinary Specialists in Brewster NY October 19th for a FULL Tail amputation - under special supervision to reduce risks or nerve damage.

2) SweetPea - Underwent special surgery on blocked nasal cavities using stents on October 13th.  Stents to remain in place for 3 weeks .

3) Pantera - Underwent 3 months of FIP GS Anti-Viral Medication. Responded well . Life saving treatment cost over $3000. He is currently in a 3 month monitoring phase until January 2022 to determine if he beat FIP! 



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