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Update on our new rescue

Message from his foster
Panteras 3 month post FIP treatment observation period is almost over and he’s recovering incredibly well!

He is quite the snuggler now. Today Panteras has received a new green harness bandage sort of vest.  His old one was a gauze collar, cat shirt, and a onesie without success. The blue one came off yesterday and now he is wearing a green one that is more fitted. He still needs to wear the harness for a few more days so a scab can form. He was also given Anamax ointment to help relieve the itch.  Bonus, he now matches his nail tips! Those have been key to him not dismantling the harness bandages. I asked the vet if I could take it off myself in a few days (since she said he was looking better and won’t need another one). She said yes, YAY!   We hope the nail tips stay in place a couple weeks more to ensure full healing.

He is so good at the vet and doesn’t hold any sort of grudge when we get back to the apartment  (although, I must admit, the look on his face below communicates something else altogether lol). I choose to believe he is channeling Tim Gunn in all his fashion glory.

In other news, his labs all came back normal and he is gaining weight like a champ and is now 10 pounds (his lowest was 5 pounds!l

Meow for now,




Spotlight of the month


Adopt Sebastian and Scuttle !

 check out our videoYouTube

Meet adorable , playful , gentle and unique Sebastian and Scuttle , a bonded kitten duo born around April 2020 from the Bronx streets into a loving foster home! Sebastian is POLYDACTYL meaning he has extra toes! He is absolutely adorable and loves to play, be pet and snuggle in bed with you and Scuttle! Scuttle is the biggest cuddle kitty , he longs to snuggle in your arms all day and has the sweetest disposition. They are very used to and enjoy having older children around to play with . In fact they seemed to gravitate towards the teenagers in the foster home and sleep in bed with the 20 year old daughter! Both are negative for FIV and FELV. Sebastian and Scuttle are a perfect pair to welcome into your home , won’t you open your hearts to them? Apply to adopt Sebastian and Scuttle   email us at or call Joan at  (718) 671-1695   


Happy tails to Bobbi!
This incredibly sweet and charming boy has found his wonderful forever home ! We are so happy for darling Bobbi! Each cat adopter opens the door for another cat we can put into a loving foster home ! 



Our previous Spotlight Cat has found his amazing forever home! We are so incredibly happy this sweet and funny boy found the forever home he truly deserved! He was rescued from an incredibly tough life on the street , emaciated , in pain from a mouth infection, and thought feral. Once he was pain free and fostered with love , he turned into the sweetest and funny boy!! 


We love you Neptune!!  ❤️ 

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