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Help GUS!  Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia 

"Here is sweet purring Gus at Guardian Veterinary Specialists, where he has undergone numerous diagnostics since his arrival 2 days ago due to a profusely bleeding ear, including abdominal ultrasound, X-rays, and blood work. As you can see, his right eye is much paler than his left. Currently, he has been diagnosed with Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia, with an extremely elevated platelet count of 3,000, potentially worsened by his FELV status, which we only discovered while at Guardian. His previous snap test 1.5 weeks ago at ASPCA was negative, so we were devastated and shocked to learn this news. His prognosis is guarded but hopeful. Once he is discharged, he will require a foster home and immune suppressant drugs.

A recheck will determine if the treatment is helping him, and further diagnostics may be necessary based on his response to treatment.  His medical bill is likely to be close to $5,000, even with the generous 50 percent discount offered by Guardian. 

Just a few weeks ago, Gus was living on the streets, and if he hadn't been rescued, he would have suffered alone.

Our mission at NYC Cat Coalition is to provide support to cats who wouldn't otherwise survive without our intervention.

We deeply appreciate your support, and we encourage you to spread the word about how others can join us in our mission to help Gus and others like him."



Meet Donna, The Hypothyroid Champion! 

Our sweet sweet Senior Donna still is looking for her forever home that will take care of her and love her to bits. Beautiful Donna has thrived in her foster home, where it took her about 6 months to fully relax, but now look at her!! It’s so incredibly rewarding once you earn a cat's trust! Donna has hyperthyroidism which is so easily managed and she takes it like a champ in her food daily! She should be adopted to a cat-experienced home that can take time to understand beautiful Donna She is a special, deserving soul and our hearts break she hasn’t found her “home.” Interested in meeting Donna? Please send us an email:


Help Hazel Find a Home! 

Unfortunately, Hazel's current foster can no longer keep her. Although she has been available for adoption for a while, Hazel has been hard to place because she has diabetes and requires insulin twice a day, but she takes her medication like a champ. This beautiful snowshoe kitty is extremely affectionate and is estimated to be between 4 and 7 years old. Hazel was found begging for help at the doorstep of a kind Bronx woman. She's asking for help again. Can you help us find Hazel a home by sharing this information with anyone who might be able to offer her a safe place to land? Hazel is great with other cats and diabetic cats can live long healthy lives. We are happy to give more information on the cost of insulin and the treatment process.

Interested in meeting Hazel? Please send us an email:




Arrow has FeLV. 

FELV. The four letters you wish you never see in rescue. Arrow is one of the six cats our volunteer Vicki rescued a few weeks ago when a man left for Texas, leaving the cats in his care. Arrow was left outside at just 5.5 months old, a baby. His mother was positive for the Feline leukemia virus, and now, his IFA test is also FELV positive. Please spay and neuter, please keep your cats indoors, and please do anything you can to help cats in NYC. Arrow is going to live a short life, most likely, and it’s heartbreaking. He’s such a sweet boy. He’s amazing. His current foster cannot keep him because she has other cats at risk. We may have another foster, but please reach out if anyone is interested in loving this sweet darling boy for the life he has to live. He’s so special, and we are heartbroken that his life will likely be quite short.

Interested in fostering Arrow? Please send us an email:


Pantera Has a WILD Story! 

Initially trapped in August of 2020, this feral tomcat was trapped, neutered, and returned to his community by one of our volunteers. 

Six months later, we got a call that a FRIENDLY cat had been brought to the Mt. Vernon animal shelter - by the name of PANTERA. Friendly? Our volunteer Vicki was floored. Pantera, it seems, had a change of heart and decided he liked humans after all. We are so grateful that Pantera was chipped and registered with NYCC! 

Unfortunately, after he was rescued for the second time, Pantera began to decline and was diagnosed with FIP, an incredibly unfair and cruel mutation of a normally harmless feline virus. There is no vaccine and there is one expensive, new treatment currently available. It is a long 3-month journey and not all cats with FIP are ideal candidates.

Luckily, Pantera was a good candidate, and he underwent 84 days of treatment. 

Each vial of the treatment cost more than $200, which means Pantera's total course of treatment was over $4,000. Pantera was doing quite well for several months, but in February of 2022, he began to decline again. We are monitoring his care and we will be meeting with his specialist to get more information.